LiveLab was presented at NYU:ITP in March 2017 as a part of REFEST 2.0. A demo was installed in the lobby and I gave a presentation on telematic production, the need for better tools, and the value of inter-venue exchange.


Highlights from the presentation:
Multi-Audience Production
Intercommunity Production
First Prototype
First Public Use
Internet of Strings

Coauthors on the project include Olivia Jack who showcased the project during her residency ay Interacvitos in Madrid:


LiveLab was used for portions of Hi-Fi|Wi-Fi|Sci-Fi, at La MaMa in February 2017, to connect actors in the venue in New York with actors at Seoul Arts Institute in South Korea.


LiveLab demonstrates multiple points of views between remote venues, assisting cultural exchanges over geographic and cultural distance by allowing participants in each space to be immersed in one another’s environments.



LiveLab can be used for large scale multi-venue productions and experimental artworks. Flexibility and customization is key, serving a variety of productions.